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July 25, 2018


Recently I reviewed some books on acquiring wealth (this and this and this and this). Acquired Tastes explores some opportunities to spent large amounts of it. Being a famed author with a generous advance, Peter Mayle sets out to indulge in extravagances and vanities to write about them. From Cuban cigars over french truffles to British taylors, Acquired Tastes tells a charming and colorful story detailing the peculiarities of each pleasantry. Good tips how to get the best hotel rooms, too.  It’s interesting how little has changed since the early nineties. The rich still wallow in bespoke cloths, luxury food items and posh accommodation. Just add some technological baubles and you have the upstart millenial’s wishlist.

If you want a book on the nicer things of life that is a bit witty, a bit silly, a bit funny and a bit inspirational, Acquired Tastes is for you.


Key points:

  • Some expensive things are really nice.
  • Some expensive things are nice, but difficult.
  • Some expensive things are boring.
  • Enjoy!


Author affiliations:

Peter Mayle had a career in advertising before he became an author. He is was known for his autobiographical novels about life in Provence as a British expat. Mayle died in early 2018, but his website is still live.


Review copy:

copy bought
Droemer Knaur (Oktober 2002)
ISBN-10: 3426600757
ISBN-13: 978-3426600757

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Acquired Tastes Book Cover Acquired Tastes
Peter Mayle

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