Terms of Review

October 11, 2018

If you want to request a review, please note my general terms:

  • I run this blog purely as a hobby, and sometimes have other things to do. Because of that I cannot commit to any timeline or even guarantee a review at all. At the moment, you should expect two or three month until a review of a sent-in book goes online.
  • My reviews are final and non-negotiable, and will be published on my site and on other sites. You have to be OK with that. Right now I’m using a five star rating scheme (with most books centered around three stars), but I might change that in the future.
  • I prefer physical copies (inquire for address). If that’s not feasible, please send a pdf. I read on at least three different devices in parallel and don’t want to juggle with proprietary ebook formats.

If you send me a copy, you accept these simple terms. That’s it.

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