International Book Fairs 2019
Blogging / February 19, 2019

It is always a great thing when somebody curates an exhaustive list of information. I was recently made aware of a very thoroughly researched list of (nearly) every international book fair held in 2019. You missed some already, but there are plenty to come! Check the infographic below or see the entire list (including some detail information) here. The blog also covers many ebook and writing/publishing related topics. It is run by Kotobee, and ebook creation and publishing software provider. Enjoy!

Review – When the Monkeys Run the Zoo
Review / February 19, 2019

Review – When the Monkeys Run the Zoo Early industrial companies were characterized by a strict hierarchy of power and decision-making competency. Giving employees a say in the company’s strategy would be like having the monkeys run the zoo, an indiscretion voiced by Frank Borman, CEO of Eastern Airlines, from which the book derives its title. The modern company is lean, flat, agile, disruptive, kind, regenerative and decentralized. This creates problems. To be specific, author Thomas Kühn identifies three main dilemmas: The three dilemmas of modern organizations The identity dilemma refers to organizational subunits gaining increased autarky. But as companies dissolve into independent departments, profit centers and teams, it becomes unclear, what is within and without of the organization. This way, synergy effects of centralization are lost. Breaking the strict hierarchy of old timey organizations in favor of flat structures clearly improved the quality of life for workers. But it also removed clarity and gave rise to informal communication and decision-making structures. Without a person indisputably in charge, each decision requires involvement of topic experts, division leaders and influencers, and the outcome may depend on individual moods and favoritism. When the Monkeys Run the Zoo calls this the dilemma of…