February 20, 2017

Hello and welcome to my little book review site! My name is Matthias and I will be your host for the near future. This site has now reached some level of functionality, but I will continue to improve things from time to time. Let me tell you, what you are about to discover:

Here you will find excellent reviews of books about leadership, self-improvement, money and all other topics loosely related to that. These include, but are not limited to, psychology, self-help, communication, tech and engineering, economics and politics, investment, digitalization, strategic thinking, design and creativity and even philosophy. Basically, I want to read whatever I like and write about it. I’ll try to choose books relevant for a broad audience, and to avoid overly technical ones.

Me? I’m just another guy with some webspace. I read a lot and I love to hear myself talk, so I enjoy this opportunity to give my opinion without people disagreeing (at least until after I finished). I’m living in Germany, as probably are most of you (Hi, Mom!), but I try to concentrate on books available in English.

I try to be a harsh critic. The majority of books isn’t terrible (it’ average, by definition), but I have high expectations and so should you. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews (I also try to be witty, with limited success). If you bought a great book after my recommendation (or avoid a bad one), that would make my day.

Feel free to contact me!

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