January 7, 2018

Let’s start the year with some good old-fashioned link list. While there are millions of blogs on the internet, surprisingly few specialize on reviews of success and business books. Here I will list the ones I found and like, check back from time to time for updates.


Greatest Hits Blog

Kevin Duncan has quite a different aproach to book reviews. He condenses any book down to a single page of facts and even down to one sentence that contains the essence of a book. This reduction saves stressed employees and executives the hassle to actually read a publication, but still provides all the key lessons learned. Also, Kevin is an all-around great guy.


The Book Blogger List

The Book Blogger List, run by Barb Drozdowich from Bakerview Consulting lists book blogs by topics covered – nothing more, nothing less. All blogs listed are proven active (checked every ~2 month), making The Book Blogger List a great starting pont for authors and bloggers alike. For me, it was a great initial source of traffic, and netted me several review copies of established and indie authors.

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